Iron Kingdoms Tabletop RPG Character Sheet

I have found a good online character sheet for Iron Kingdoms tabletop RPG! It's actualy a google drive spreadsheet so it can be used from web or opened locally with LO Calc or MS Office Excel

I have modified it so now this sheet have some new features:
  • "—" in "Total" for untrained skills that can't be used.
  • Notes for untrained skills (e.g. "-2 vs trained in interrogation" for untrained "Interrogation" skill).
  • Shows what stats you have advanced.
  • Populates vitality table (life spiral).
  • More detailed info on feat points usage.
  • List of all careers that was present in another xls charsheet.
  • Makes some validation on skills (warns you if skill rank is to high, or when all skills total ranks too high).
  • Icludes vitality recovery tables.
  • Works in google drive so it can be used online.
  • It's not as much "generator" it's more just sheet with validation of skills.
  • New classes and skills can be added easier.
  • No items database.
  • No abilities database.
Original sheet by Terry Masson