Dungeons the Dragoning online dice roller (JS)

I've created dice roller for Dungens th Dragoning. Features:
  • Exploding dices. Includes option to explode on "9" (Volatile weapons)
  • Sum of kept dices and sum of kept dices without explodes (for fettered magic casting if you do not want to keep exploded dices).
  • checkbox to reroll 1's (for speciality Tests).
  • "Presets" for rolls with labels (you can have a list of roll presets with "Roll" button near each). Presets are stored in local storage so are persistent after page reload.
  • Extra dices may be added afte initial roll. It may be useful for rolling weapon preset attack and then adding close range, aiming or pointblank range bonuses.
  • Stored on plnkr.co! You can edit, tune and style it as you wish. And you can save it for local use in browser.