Reader is dead, feedly sucks. Searching for alternative

I have tried Feedly but it marks scrolled posts as read in unpredictable way. I just can't spend that much time marking each item or scrolling all pages before marking them as read. Right now  I have chosen The Old Reader.

  • It's simple
  • It looks familiar and easy to navigate
  • It marks scrolled items as read
  • It can "import" data from Reader (export data from reader, unzip, import xml file)
  • localized to several languages: at least some buttons and main categories are translated.

  • Importing data requires some manual actions
  • There is import queue
  • adding new source was buggy when I tried: nothing happend after adding and only page reload showed that something happened. But I think they'll fix it soon. Update: looks like this only happended once and can't be reproduced