Linux CUPS: printing images too dark or black workaround

sudo lpoptions -o gamma=X # X > 1000
sudo lpoptions -o brigthness=Y # Y > 100
and export everything to pdf and print with acroread or lp/lpr

On my Samsung SCX4600 MFD I get all images printed almost black. The obvious way to fix this without using correct color profile is to increase gamma of printed content.

Unfortunately there is no way to do this in gimp or OO or LO but you can modify gamma and brightness with lpoptions and print everything with lp or lpr command. acroread uses lpr by default so you can just print/export everything to pdf (gimp/LO/inkscape and more software supports this) and then print on printer with acroread.

Options that are good for me: 1.2 times higher gamma and 1.1 times bigger brightness. Command to do this:
lpoptions -o gamma=12500 -o brightness=110
You can run this command as root (or with sudo) to set global options or as user to set local options.